The Șindrilica : safely covered wardrobe is part of the Șindrilica, safely covered project by Traian Tuță.
The wardrobe is an installation specifically designed to become the centre stage revealing the Șindrilica wearable items.

Looking at the ways of hanging clothes and accessories when they are not worn, it became clear that a product that has visually expressive design needed the right display exhibiting its' qualities in the most visible way.

And so, by analising the classic coat hanger, it showed potential of being transformed into an exhibition stage with a dynamic posture, as well as acting as a storage compartment for the items it holds.

height : 2.5 m
type : static

plan diagonal : 1.4 m

material : beech wood, spruce wood, oak wood
ground contact : swivel with brakes


image : prototype version of the Șindrilica wardrobe installation

installation design : registered

designer : Traian Tuță

If you believe your space can be enhanced by the Șindrilica presence and that we can collaborate, please send us a description of your scenario along with interior images (1+) of your scenario location. Upon analising your input, we will send you our collaboration fashion proposal along with an image of the populated wardrobe installation and other advertising and marketing identity elements that will accompany any collaboration.

You are welcome to use our contact form or simply tutzatraian@yahoo.co.uk

thank you