190 cm

design profficient

writing, drawing

architectural design
Aiming to produce a sensible design for an informed society. Interested in identity and interactive architectural programs, cultural expression, micro and medium designs that give functionality a twist.

baritone, tenor, chorus, solo singing
high C#5 / low G 7 

photographic memory
people, places, maps, landmarks

state of mind

divergent, spontaneous, imaginative, free

English / professional proficiency
Romanian / native
Portuguese / beginner

guitar, harmonica, going on saxophone

acoustic memory
a wide array of musical samples and tunes through out the modern music history

sailing, dancing, designing, singing, driving,

going on tap dancing


multiple styles, beautifully

mechanized design
historical taboos


Traian Tuță is a part II architect with a Masters degree from the University of Brighton, Uk. 

He was born in Râmnicu Vâlcea - Romania, and is bilingual and bicultural in English and Romanian. He completed both his BA(Hons) and MArch Degrees in Architecture at the University of Brighton in 2011 and 2015 respectively, following RiBA prerequisites ( Royal Institute of British Architects ) .

A fusion between an innate architectural insight alongside a mixed background of creative input, gives Traian the ability to design a wide range of projects but not limited to : architectural design, theatre stage design, interior design, street installations or book design.

Design experimentation is a key part in finding the precise solution for the brief.

Laboratory for Architectural Design

The Laboratory for Architectural Design is a multidisciplinary realm where a multitude of ideas, theories and projects are envisioned, tested and built. 

There is no limit to our imaginative design capacity, concepts will amaze, make you look twice while having a special consideration towards their environment.
Every project begins with an observation anchored to a real life issue and solves it by giving every scenario an educational characteristic.

Always with a brave plan, our private work enhances the world with energetic concepts and ultimately tunes people to engage with their potential.