A collection of sketches and drawings that have been the triggering moment for architectures, written essays or conceptual brainstorming. 
The information presented will take you through memory and memories, contrasting designs and ideas, showing you the intimate areas behind the thinking processes.

Collection investigating dimensions, mechanisms, plans and volumes for a tent like structure and a rural family house.

location : Bucharest, Romania

Sketches and thoughts on an entirely new medical clinic typology, investigating the relationship between the orthopedic clinic and its' museum. A scheme that is meant to educate about, reveal and treat the human body in a busy city context.

location : Brighton, Uk

Trying to define the living quarters in a hillside typology as it connects three different streets via the 7 storey public library.

location : Brighton, Uk

Sketches showing a partial rationale into the stages of cancer as the design was developed to support cancer patients on the grounds of the Chelsea Royal Hospital.

location : London, Uk

Studies on several designs across Europe, looking into systems, volumes, mechanisms, environments trying to understand the rich array of architectural biologies.

location : Europe

Spatial studies looking into the land manipulation of a suburban household, performing both as housing as well as an artist studio and exhibition spaces.

location : Brighton, Uk

Facade studies and designs on a portuguese housing typology, analysing its' connection to the street and the interior spaces, looking into the manufacturing methods of the facade as a membrane.

location : Covilha, Portugal