A series of drawn plans to better  understand requirements for different scenarios in a theatre functional environment.

Looking at kitchen flows, restaurant scenarios and shower circulation flows, the research helped in making a proposal for reorganising and accommodating the given spaces to newer standards and demands.

Also, the restaurant scenario worked hand in hand with a rooftop circumstance that has become a cuisine experience atop the National Theatre in Bucharest.


project title : Theatre Enclaves
architect : Traian Tuta
year : 2018
location : Bucharest, Romania
task : research and design
status : proposal

A series of spaces in the National Theatre in Bucharest, Romania were in need of functional rehabilitation and a simplistic approach to the activity of a public restaurant. Thus, the spaces were revisited and redrawn based on current staff requirements, visitor numbers and health and safety parameters.

The interior restaurant and its’ adjacent kitchen space are likely to be frequented by theatre staff and actors, however the ground floor interior-exterior restaurant has a wider public expectation. The two scenarios have proposed a remodelling of the more public and available restaurant spaces in the theatre, while the third scenario, a roof top experience became one of the more sought after experiences, offering views over the centre of Bucharest.