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status : SOON LIVE

ages : mixed (16+)

sessions : 5

duration : tbd

seats : tbt

location : tbt



The Space of Memories gives you a new perspective on the spaces that we occupy daily. By understanding the qualities of an occupied space and their consequences over your experiencing of that space, you will gain the ability to reinterpret them.

By reinterpreting qualities in a space or an architectural scenario, you will be creating a unique spatial circumstance, closely related to your interest – following your own critical thinking acquired during the module.


-  The module teaches you how to decode the qualities of a space and understand their consequences over your experience in that space/place;

-  By deciphering your own memories, you will isolate certain characteristics that are appealing to you and formulate your personal interest by developing a new and unique spatial circumstance (experience).

-  Working off an object from your memory, you will be able to develop the concept of your spatial experience, linking it to your spatial and design interest.

-  By learning to use architectural graphic representations, you will communicate your spatial experience through either drawing, collage, photography and/or physical models.

-  The module tackles basic architectural drawing techniques, photography, collage making and model making. It then applies them according to the individual interest of each student (participant) and the design requirements of his/her project.

This will allow you to communicate your ideas visually, transforming your concept/project in a complex research & design project.

-  You understand and learn to use the tools and mediums at your disposal to best explain your ideas. You will formulate opinions through images (visual, audio, olfactory, tactile) drawing,  text and speaking, building the concept of your spatial interest.


Giving you graphic skills, the course also develops your critical thinking and helps you decipher qualities in a space or spatial scenario from within your memories.
With these skills you will be able to imagine, reimagine, draw and present the new context of your spatial interest which we will discover together.


The Space in the Memory module is a hands-on imaginative exercise and a window to the research, investigation and concept stages in the thought process of an architect.



Your work finishes with a fully drawn concept of a design / spatial proposal that follows your vision and maniesto for the particular qualities you researched.

The projects are publicly displayed and each student / participant debates his ideas with the audience.


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