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Cluj, Timisoara, Ramnicu Valcea, Arad, Iasi, Brasov, Bucharest

the space meant for the course will be facilitated by the group in question. It will become the teams’ temporary design laboratory.

3 : Spontaneous Design, Design Playground, Memory Circumstances

English, Romanian

The courses are condensed and structured dynamically for brief periods of available time. More information on this via the attached form.

Medium-large groups of people or corporate company employees

Dependant on the infrastructure of the allocated space

Each course has a specific kit of tools that drive the task forward

course acquired skills

Traian Tuta, RiBA part II architect

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Organised around 1 field trip and 3 studio meetings, Spontaneous Design is a 4 stage design narrative based on research, investigation, observation and proposal that take place in unexpected locations.

The course identifies architectural stories to be told, in secluded parts of the chosen context.

     Built around 4 concentrated meetings, the programme will guide you through the narrative of design storytelling, encouraging you to take precise action while finding your topic of interest.

Organised around 6 sessions of intense playing, the Design Playground opens up a multitude of joyful scenarios, delivering innovative ways of thinking about and understanding space. 

Created as a playful introduction to design and spatial qualities, Design Playground is a scenario where you test your imagination, reinvent design qualities and understand architectural design.The sessions are structured around core design concepts such as materiality, light, access, activity and time, all carried forward by the groups’ dynamic.

Memory Circumstances is an opportunity to go back in time and relive a scenario with fresh eyes and a soon to be acquired critical way of thinking. The 7 session course will take you through different methods of looking at memories while you formulate a new idea stemming from your emotions and experience. 

     As architectural design embodies emotions, Memory Circumstances teaches you to embody your memory as you design a new set of qualities.

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