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status : pending

ages : mixed (16+)

sessions : 9+1

duration : tbd

seats : 8

location : Bucharest, Sfinților 44


Talking Qualities is a written investigation taking the student through a series of writing steps, each building on the previous with new perspectives, details and spatial information.

Unlocking hidden spatial information through a written investigative technique, this course draws a space/place/moment/memory through words, by observing inhabitants, actions, memories and other spatial qualities through the senses.


The course takes each student through a series of investigative steps that are meant to uncover and distil spatial qualities and information. Each investigative step requires a different type of focus from the student and triggers an almost meditative state to acquire insight into that specific quality.

Talking Qualities focuses on the separation between spatial qualities and the separate investigation through text of the qualities of interest, taking the student through multiple written analysis of his/her chosen space/place/moment/memory.

The investigation of users, qualities, actions, athmospheres and senses is not a specific structure of the given method and will be expanded depending on each students’ findings.

The course revolves dialogue, investigative writing and precision writing and an introspective attitude, focussing on one topic at a time, creating a clear separation between qualities, quality sequences and quality consequences.

At the same time, you will be explaining your findings and decisions through a series of graphic exercises, using sketches, diagrams, text and images. You will gain these abilities through out the course.


- Talking Qualities helps you relate to information stored inside your brain in order to express it at different levels of focus in written form by understanding its underlying content and quality and its’ consequences.

- Each student develops his skills to decode a thought through spatial content/qualities and put it into words, creating several stories showing different scenarios.

Every carried written investigation requires the student to be precise and focused on the respective spatial topic.

- Spatial and design related terminology will be learned and used to produce written investigations of great detail.

- Written expressiveness will be encouraged and celebrated taking an original and precise approach to decoding a scenario through words.

- Creativity will be tested in the final stages of the course when each student will re-adapt their findings to a contrasting situation.

- This will become their position piece.


The position paper will include the research/investigative writing as well as the contrasting scenario.


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