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clutch envelope

The Șindrilica clutch envelope is probably the smallest and leanest of the Șindrilica array of items. It is intended for a simple use as most of the șindrilica products and it was meant for leisure evenings when you only have to carry your favourite lipstick and a small bottle of perfume. Surely you can come up with a few more interesting ideas for your adventure.



From its' starting point, the Șindrilica clutch envelope was intended to be simple and efficient. And so, the overall design is comprised of a single sheet of felt that has been folded and cut in such a way that it allows its' user to store small items in the two available pockets while accessing and carrying it in a completely unique way.

A very straight forward design decision, the clutch envelope surrounds your hand and safely covers it while the user is almost care free to show it off as they please. 
Additionaly, as part of the design intention, the wooden shingles are always shown towards the exterior, hiding away part of the arm.


Front and back, the Sindrilica clutch envelope shows clean and simple surfaces that will contrast every additional item as well as any surrounding you might find yourself in.

The folded sheet of felt presents its shadows as you discover the location of the two interior pocket compartments.


The image shows you the Clutch Envelope at a production stage, which gives away the cuts, zipper positioning and folding related fixing holes. Every thing about this item is as simple as possible. 

A clean gesture of design that translates in usage simplicity and its' visual statement.


The main design trait of this item is the fact that the two storage compartments are completely hidden from any exterior perspective.

The material is carefully cut and sewed making the most of any detail that does appear on the Sindrilica Clutch Envelope.


The overall design of the Clutch Envelope has been seen as a stage for the Sindrilica wooden shingles.
The given simplicity is around 2cm thick and a clear visual queue for the design passionate.


Starting with the shingle roof, Sindrilica items make their way towards a whole body apparel.



Șindrilica - safely covered has been created to astonish, offering an entire wardrobe that is powerfully minimal, elegant and detail oriented.

As with all Șindrilica design proposals, the clutch envelope offers a modern interpretation of both functionality and design in its evocative visual language.

The CLutch Envelope makes simplicity simple and quite the iconic presence with its' statement for simple design and use.



The Șindrilica Clutch Envelope is a thoughtfully designed item, fabricated in small series, with serious attention to detail.



40 cm long x
12 cm wide x
2 cm thick



The mahogany wooden shingles carefully contrast the felt sheet through their vivid colour and texture.


the box

Every Șindrilica product has its specially designed container that is entirely recyclable and beautiful.


production time

Sustainably sourced, the Șindrilica Clutch Envelope will be ready for shipment in 10 working days. 

Delivery time is added on top of this. ( 3-9 days depending on location )



Meant for leisure meetings and outings, the Șindrilica Clutch Envelope is most resistant in dry weather conditions.



A combination of machine work together with hand fabrication and sewing, the design is a minimalist proof for a smart use of space. 


box contents

When you order Șindrilica, you receive the full designer experience regarding the product you have chosen. The box is filled with surprises at every turn and teaching you through design is our unique way of working towards an informed society..


technical story

The Șindrilica Clutch Envelope is a straightforward folding exercise that through a series of cuts and sewing operations becomes a clothing storage accessory. The envelope is bent and folded, iron pressed and carefully overlapped onto itself until the clutch is formed and the two storage compartments are evident.
The clutch receives a total of 3 folds, 7 straight cuts and 4 circular cuts.
The two separate niches that become the two storage compartments of the envelope are accessible through the upper opening positioned towards the user.

The use and design complex simplicity has been inspired by Eva.
The Clutch Envelope is light weight, durable and available in several vivid colours.

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Șindrilica, safely covered project and designs
have been registered with the British Intellectual Property Office.

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