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The Șindrilica purse is a delicate gesture of creating an elegant hand bag by interpreting the used material in the most efficient way. Safely covered.

The purse receives several elements that give its final aesthetic and smart design usage attributes. The wooden plates (shingles) that resemble its starting point – the shingle wooden roof ; the leather belt ; the 2 large compartments ;  2 delicate interior pockets.



The Șindrilica purse design resulted from the simple gesture of separating the usable compartments, as well as accessing them as easily as possible. The bag thus became a dynamic and straight forward accessible carrying item.
Going through both manufacturing as well as other more technical processes, the Șindrilica purse body is made of a 3mm sheet of felt fixed together with textile wire and nickel plated binding screws.



Regardless of the way you look at the Sindrilica purse, you will always see its' iconic soft feminine 


A hierarchy of delicately chosen elements and details formulated around the idea of elegance in posture.


Through out its' design, the Șindrilica purse has achieved several smart and useful translations asit creates and offers space.
The design acts as a stage for the Șindrilica shingle center piece.


Powerful lines and the bags' overall natural posture have created the perfect stage for celebrating the wooden shingles.

The enticing rhythm of the sindrilica shingles along with the contrast between the felt, wood and leather make the Șindrilica design simply elegant.



The Șindrilica purse offers swift access to its contents.

Celebrated through a visible contrasting access niche, the gesture of reaching items becomes a delicate manifest towards the mistery behind this efficient elegance.


Șindrilica - safely covered has been created to astonish, offering an entire wardrobe that is powerfully minimal, elegant and detail oriented.

Through its design, it becomes an iconic presence regardless your context or era. You can easily time travel, the Șindrilica wardrobe will get you there.



The Șindrilica Purse is a thoughtfully designed item, fabricated in small series, with serious attention to detail.



40 cm long x
22 cm wide x
20 cm thick



The mahogany wooden shingles carefully contrast the felt sheet through their vivid colour and texture. The leather strap complements it all.


the box

Every Șindrilica product has its specially designed container that is entirely recyclable and beautiful.


production time

Sustainably sourced, the Șindrilica Shoulder Bag will be ready for shipment in 14 working days. 

Delivery time is added on top of this. ( 3-9 days depending on location )



Meant for leisure meetings and outings, the Șindrilica Clutch Envelope is most resistant in dry weather conditions.



A combination of machine work together with hand fabrication and sewing, the design is a minimalist proof for a smart use of space. 


box contents

When you order Șindrilica, you receive the full experience regarding the product you have chosen. The box is filled with surprises at every turn and teaching you through design is our unique way of working towards an informed society..

technical story

The Șindrilica shoulder bag / purse becomes a full circle by folding the same sheet of material onto its self. A second folding gesture creates two separate niches that become the two large compartments of the bag its self.
They are both accessible through an opening positioned on the upper side of the bag, towards Eva.

Following the initial design source of inspiration, the wooden plates or shingles, have a darker colour that blends with the chosen colours of the bags’ fabric. The additional leather strap complements the fabrics’ colour, as well as the wooden shingles'.

The Șindrilica bag is light weight, permeable and available in several vivid colours.

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Șindrilica, safely covered project and designs
have been registered with the British Intellectual Property Office.

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