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the sindrilicaproject


Șindrilica : safely covered reiterates the romanian vernacular shingle roof by translating its' concept into a fashion wardrobe and items related to architectural design.
Șindrilicas' identity is constantly reinvented as systems and items are reiterated to work together, pioneering their collaboration through innovative design suggestions.
Șindrilica was triggered by Traian Tuță.

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Șindrilica, safely covered project and designs
have been registered with the Intellectual Property Office.


The elegantly simple
iconic Șindrilica : safely covered iteration of a shoulder bag, is a designer grade limited edition apparel proposal that will surprise and make everyone, Adam or Eve,
look more than twice.
Then look again.

Of timeless importance, the Șindrilica wardrobe proposes an elegant and powerful visual dialogue.


The Șindrilica clutch envelope is probably the smallest and leanest of the Șindrilica array of items.

It is intended for a simple use as most of the șindrilica products and it was meant for leisure evenings when you only have to carry your favourite lipstick and a small bottle of perfume.

Surely you can come up with a few more interesting ideas for your adventure.



The Membrane Wall is an architectural design reiteration of the wooden shingle roof, transformed into a tangible design element. The generic name “membrane wall” was given to reflect the characteristics of the term “membrane” in general, focusing on its abilities, as well as encompassing the multiple scenarios that it proposes.

the story of sindrilica : safely covered


7 o’clock, fade in, early evening.

Imagine the Bârsana Monastery surroundings. Trip. Unique.
Bârsana valley is about to say good night as the sun slowly approaches the hills’ outline.

The young greens of the forests turn to a translucent surface of their former selves, revealing trees hidden in the background, turning the whole forest into a permeable creature. There is not much light left during the day and shadows slowly make their way to our feet. During this transition period, other objects and surroundings come into focus.

Eyes are slowly drawn to the silhouettes of the rooftops. The monastery grounds present a diverse approach to the act of covering a space. Several religious intended constructions show a wide variety of roofs and slopes. Their only common elements are probably the materials used to build them.
Wood, wooden shingles, wooden nails. Even though it proves hard to observe them with the sun setting behind, the horizon is now revealing its' roof tops outline.

And the silver lining appears.
As eyes move in sync from roof to roof, someone says : “ That one looks like a dress ! ”
Even though we managed to bring the roof closer, you can still visit and probably confirm the theory which Șindrilica was based on.

That Eva was right, there is one certain roof that can clearly be envisioned as a dress.


The Șindrilica wardrobe installation is meant for collaboration purposes.

This installations is able to hold the entire Șindrilica wardrobe and show it off
in a playful way.

Get in touch if you're ready
to work together, accommodate
and sell the Șindrilica fashion in your store or gallery. 


șindrilica design manifest

Șindrilica - safely covered is the first contemporary iteration of fashion items and accessories derived from the romanian vernacular space. 

The design looks at wooden roof tiles – shingles – and brings them closer than ever before. Using an ingenious system for anchoring the wooden tiles, the Șindrilica items are a vivid and hands on approach to a static architectural element.

Șindrilica is contributing to setting new visual identities, styles and standards in both fashion design and product design.



The Șindrilica project has been a joy right from the start. The entire array of Șindrilica items  came to mind all at once and work has been started to show and tell this entirely pleasurable design story.
So far, the Șindrilica bag has been a delight to design and manufacture. Not easy, but a delight.

The next item in line is perhaps the Șindrilica skirt. Under the light of the Șindrilica lamp. 
Stay close, it will be something extraordinary. 

For the Eves.


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