The following section is dedicated to architectural work past, present and future. Looking at various subjects across communities, the resulting projects vary in scale, program and financial investment.
Having worked on projects that impact the public realm in a very direct manner, an interest to work on projects that influence communities has been developed.


Working on an architecture whose interaction with its users develops intricate ramifications in the given context, a scheme that shares its self is one of this studios' main objectives.

Drawing Atelier
A design hub for high school students, envisioned as a multi purpose space, housing working stations and a design library. 
status / under construction

Rural living in the city
House for a young conservative family, dealing with a narrow plot, parking spaces, street access and an intimate interior arrangement.
status / pending city planning approval

House overlooking the garden
Family house in a rural context, following local architecture, offers a long strip of land and a tree rich garden.
status / investigation and concept proposal

Theatre eating enclaves
Proposal for arranging interior spaces to offer simple catering services to the theatre guests and other social events.
status / spatial planning proposal

Ceramic facade
Employing the softness of the ceramic tile texture to create a seamless ceramic facade for a cladding store in Lybia
status / under construction

Outdoor city pub island
At the foot of a tall corporate sky scraper, the summer outdoor pub/terrace takes a photogenic stance towards offering cool beverages.
status / under construction

Pier : pedestrian
A pedestrian approach to a former boat pier along the river Dâmbovița, dealing with access, views and traffic proximity.
status / proposal

a market town city garden
study on a market town identity permeated into the reactivation of a public garden
status / ongoing

technical chamber
a more efficient use of a theatre technical box.
status / completed

the permeable
an investigation into the medical spatial qualities to trigger a different mindset regarding the specialist - patient - visitor interface
status / completed

art satellite
a cultural transformation of a former textile workshop into a public theatre
status / concept

culture factory
additional spaces to an industrial theatre related scheme
status / concept

the permeable
systems integrated into the medical typology
status / completed

wildlife receptors
an investigation into a protected natural landscape
status / completed

the tothem
a hybrid relationship between a library, housing and a landscape strategy
status / completed

suburbia housing II
multi-use property for a creative professional, holding a gallery, workshops and sleeping rooms
status / completed

suburbia housing I
gallery spaces + family housing in a suburbia type location
status / completed

 professional studies on typology 
analysis on functionality and accessibility on pre-designed cancer related centre.
status / completed

the strip
a design investigation into the 7 stages of cancer and patients' requirements
status / completed

Should you desire a smart design, you are welcome to get in touch regarding your project endeavour. We also encourage storytelling and exchanging ideas about communities' standards and qualities.