scientific architectural design investigators

Sculptectura is an architectural design studio working on innovation across multiple fields : spatial design rethinking, property development and citizens’ living qualities awareness and innovation.

Structured around an international network of collaborators, our co-working multidisciplinary team of writers, designers, researchers, engineers, visual artists, photographers, actors, directors, provide our clients with specific solutions to complex contemporary urban issues.

Whether in the Brighton, London, Bucharest or Râmnicu Vâlcea, we've analysed emerging urban trends in the context of current social, technological and environmental evolutions, offered strategic support throughout the development of innovative cultural and design projects, and provided valuable insight and tools helping projects to innovate and think outside the norm.

We are instigators, investigators and pioneers with an acumen for ingenuity and design expression, here to assist in the development of transformative, urban inclusive educational or private projects.  

Our services include:

+ Advisory services on urban and property trends strategic recommendations for the development of future urban projects

+ Territorial analysis and stakeholder mapping 

+ International benchmarking and thematic research 

+ Implementation of pre-development activation plans, including community involvement 

+ Support in the implementation of development plans
+ Research and reports on historical concepts and contemporary development schemes.
+ Strategic advisory services for the development of innovative property projects and cultural endeavours.
+ Workshops on innovation in the fields of city design, spatial use, qualities of materials

+ Architectural design on rezidential schemes, commercial projects, social performative schemes, cultural installations.


Having worked on projects in Brighton, London, Manchester, Covilha, Bucharest and Ramnicu Valcea, our interest resides with the exploration and involvement in new cities and cultures, cultural endeavours and public schemes.



Traian Tuta is an English taught part II architect with international experience in the fields of architectural design, urban innovation, historical and contemporary critical design thinking.

Traian focuses his practice on the implementation of innovative urban projects including trend forecasting, spatial activations, pop-up installations, public spaces upgrades, urban research, street art and exhibition curation.

Holding a Master's degree in Architecture from UoB (Brighton, Uk) following RiBA standards, he is also the author of ‘An innate interpretation of the qualities that surround us’; ‘Speculation on architectural design that informs a new vernacular design interpretation ‘; ‘The Extent of Human Perception’ – UoB essays.


Projects bring together a wide variety of professionals. This laboratory may work with writers, designers, researchers, engineers, visual artists, photographers or actors.

Contact should you be interested in working on a story together.