the Red : șindrilica, safely covered

the Red : șindrilica, safely covered


You are already different

The powerful red iconic Șindrilica : safely covered iteration of a shoulder bag, is a designer grade limited edition apparel proposal that will surprise and make everyone, Adam or Eve, look more than twice. Then look again.
Of timeless importance, the Șindrilica wardrobe proposes an elegant and powerful visual dialogue.

As well as the other
Șindrilica products, this item involves hand retouching and involvement in the making process.
The Șindrilica : safely covered shoulder bag is an elegant gesture of creating the simplest bag by interpreting the used material in the most efficient way.

Additionally, the handbag receives several different elements that give its final aesthetic and unique design and usage attributes :

the wooden plates (shingles) that resemble its architectural starting point – the shingle wooden roof ;
the felt ;
the leather belt/strap ;
the 2 large compartments ;
the 2 smaller interior pockets.

The Șindrilica : safely covered bag went through multiple stages of sketching and design.


Color : red

Șindrilica bag : 20cm x 18cm x 40cm

Șindrilica box contents : the iconic Șindrilica : safely covered bag ; booklet ; warranty

Manufacturing time : 14 days + delivery ( National delivery : 3-5 days / International delivery : 5-14 days )
Materials : felt, natural leather, mahogany wood, zippers, metal screws
Shipping : based on destination

Warranty : 60 days

Weather proofpermeable / See the Șindrilica : safely covered leather option for impermeability.

Use advice : The Șindrilica products are by definition delicate as they are inspired by and designed for the Eves. If ignored they will get dirty. Place it in the original package when you’re not using it. You have the ability of extending its’ life span by taking care of your Șindrilica : safely covered shoulder bag.


manufacturing : Hand manufacturing combined with smart usage of technology and materials.
ecology : Sustainably made.
designer : Traian Tu
materials : wood, felt, metal, textile string.