illustris 1.0 / spruce wood

illustris 1.0 / spruce wood


illustris, darkness lit
The first romanian vernacular architectural translation to hold light

The lamp :
10cm x 10cm x 24cm block of spruce wood has been carefully drilled to a rough/crude interior while ensuring a smooth exterior surface.

The hand-made :
A careful collaboration between a steady hand and a young eye resulted into the sculpted sections of the lamp, revealing the light apertures/eyes.

The light travels for 20 cm managing to escape through 8 eye-like apertures, before shooting up vertically, casting a circle of light on the above surface of the space it sits in.

The wire :
100 cm long textile electrical wire keeps the crude overall character of the lamp. Electrical current travels through 2 individual textile spiraled wires, going from the wall plug, through the switch to the bulb socket.


The wall plug :
European plug model – 2 spokes

The switch :
Hand activated plastic black switch provides with the on/off option.

The bulb socket :
Cromed brass body with a ceramic interior and cooling holes, M10 size screw.

The light bulb :
Warm light (yellow light) 6 W - 220/240V powered LED light bulb with a traditional screw base.
Safe future functioning of the lamp requires non-incandescent light bulbs.


The box :
a wooden container that replicates the 3d design of the lamp in a 2d fashion. Held in place by a wooden dowel, the opening section contrasts the rest via its change in colour.