Stories are important. How you tell them even more so.
The way in which they are received, a little bit more. Be it slogans, visual identity, directing a TV ad, giving your radio commercial the best atmosphere or creating a professional choreography for your event,
your business will experience contemporary freshness and income
as your identity grows roots or reaches new soil.


the young PEACH agency design department can solve advertising challenges by applying a playful rigour to any task,
reaching specific solutions for any product or identity challenge. 

the way in which you describe yourself visually will create the feel of your business / brand / product. The solutions offered will make your identity stand out. It’s only going to get hard when we compete against our selves.

wanting a certain font look is something we understand and support in each new identity that reveals its self.

every identity has its own lifestyle and qualities. These can be translated into expressive colours.

the first steps are always important. That is why you need to thread firmly.

delivering a slogan is like bathing in a mountain river. Natural and effective.

your logo is your statue. Everyone will poke at it. It should be good.
We can do physical sculptures if you should need one.

choreography, scenography and directing of a wide range of cultural / social / professional cultural / work / leisure related scenarios

with an attitude. On any topic. From bicycles to interplanetary programs, our brains are wired to innovate. We are visionary investigators after all.

of and for commercials, meetings and events.

of and for public and private gatherings and other types of meetings.

‘creatively’ is an understatement.

price positioning and other tricks for having the clearest picture for your business conduct

caressing your product on film through a wide range of techniques and solutions.

[UNAVAILABLE] analysing your context to predict the right next move for your business.

[UNAVAILABLE] knowing your whereabouts is as important as knowing your standards.

[UNAVAILABLE] bulls-eye type recipes’ for growing probably any business.

[UNAVAILABLE] you have a better understanding of what you can achieve if you know where you are

[UNAVAILABLE] a visionary team will help you see the potential of your business and establish steps for you to get it there. Fresh eyes and free spirits make all the difference.

[UNAVAILABLE] image and sound for radio, internet, tv by envisioning the topic of interest, setting its’ scenography, directing the scene

[UNAVAILABLE] key images and other visual elements that will entice your clientele (or target demographic, depending on how you think of them)

[UNAVAILABLE] smart approaches to suit your desires. While adding value to your product.

[UNAVAILABLE] for a wide range of mediums - online, television, other visual social media

services available in Bucharest