the PEACH agency builds, consolidates and regenerates brands' identities, making use of its' creative background and professional experience, offering natural and visionary solutions.

PEACH: ripe for the picking is an advertising agency
that deals in honesty and imagination
through out your brands’ lifetime.

The work style that we have adopted is elastic, playful and innovative.
Involving dialogue and testing of ideas in a unique manner,
doing what we do could be seen as difficult.
We are however, imaginative and free.

Having formulated a work protocol that ensures
a precise information exchange between the projects' participants,
as well as a clear project delivery date, every threshold we leave behind
is a firm decision with an accurate direction forward.


Traian Tuta
creative architect
master in Architecture

Faculty of Arts and Architecture, Brighton


Alexandra Codreanu
art/graphic designer
enrolled on Visual and Society Studies Master

SNSPA, Bucharest


Having an accurate sense of intuition
along with a precise and specific 
understanding of identity
and identity conduct internationally, 
our head production team
will position your business 
on its' best coordinates
to transform and make it worthy 
of a lifelong investment.

Be brave, we will help.