spruce wood : factory oven dried, smooth finish

Employing several materials, the main challenge with using spruce wood was related to the sculpting / cutting process of the corner prisms. Due to its' handmade nature, the handsaw proved to need a higher level of control while cutting this delicate wood.

concrete base : white concrete / prototype

Involving concrete in the design of the lamp appeared as a straightforward choice in trying to give the lamps' base a more firm stance through a change in proportion.

Involving a leafs' texture is a reminder of the previous life the block of wood had. 

aluminum : aluminum cast / prototype

Casting the lamp in aluminum was a choice that regarded a certain reflexive question and quality. Endeavour is ongoing.

laminated beech wood : layered beech / prototype

The challenge in making the layered prototype consisted mainly of fixing and gluing the thicker layers of beech wood centered along the vertical axis. A secondary challenge was handsawing the harder wood.