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Design Library is an educational platform that encourages and celebrates design processes and methods that go into an architectural scenario.

Encompassing a wide range of architectural design topics, exploring spatial qualities, theory, practice and play, the project is an attempt for expanding architectural design awareness and social abilities using creative technologies and methods.

Offering insight and constantly developing courses, it creates a link between communities and their citizens' individual identities.



The Written Deconstruction is a written investigation taking the student through a series of writing steps, each building on the previous with new perspectives, details and information.
Unlocking hidden spatial information through a written investigative technique, this course draws a space/place/moment/memory through words, researching and building contrasting spatial interests.

status : SOON LIVE

location : Bucharest

version : offline (tete a tete)

duration : short-medium

The space
of memories

This module is a hands-on approach to understanding and decoding the space that surrounds a memory.

Becoming aware of the elements that form a space determines your experience through your senses, ultimately leading to a critical thinking that unlocks each of those elements’ potential : olfactive sense, sight, auditory sense, tactile sense, thermoception.

status : SOON LIVE

location : Bucharest

version : offline (tete a tete)

duration : medium

Design Library is meant for citizens with any professional background, that are curious and interested in their personal development in order to actively improve their communities through architectural design proposals, thinking and  social involvement.

The classes do not require any specific knowledge of the field they manifest in, and groups are formed with mixed age students. Classes are delivered in English and Romanian, groups are formed separately.

Additionally, the classes can be delivered to architectural students and architects that look forward at developing their abilities for investigation and reading a scenario/place/space to formulate specific and precise project proposals.


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