City Pub Island is a beverage and light meals oasis adjacent to two corporate high rise projects.

It makes use of a raised platform populating it with a bar, tables and chairs, a hammock experience and an overall design language that reminds of photographic studios.

By employing a ramp, the pop-up scheme also welcomes wheelchair users. Although it would be located under direct sun light, the photographic umbrellas will conceal the stage and ensure the much needed shade.

All electrical and water supplies are brought in from the pavement and no trip hazards are present anywhere around the proposal.





project title : City Pub Island
architect : Traian Tuta
year : 2018
location : Bucharest, Romania
task : research and design
status : proposal
technical drawings : Traian Tuta
digital model : Alexandru Mihai Popescu / PMAA

render : Constantin Hyp / PMAA

The City Pub island invades the immediate vicinity of a corporate highrise while becoming a leisure choice for the one situated 30 metres away. Set on a raised steel structure, the floor is made of wooden slabs which allow for water drainage. All electrical and water circuits have a discrete entrance point under the bar. The raised platform is surrounded by corten steel sheets that contrast the existing pavement and initiate the vibrancy that happens on the platform.

Several leisure areas are available, from a large central table to simple pillows located on one edge of the island, from a hammock experience to rocking chairs and smaller table on the sides, makes the pub island a diverse environment for leisure interaction regardless the size of the visiting group.

Living plants have been used to increase the shadow already provided by the large photographic like umbrellas. The entire pub island is surrounded by glass panels that act as sound barriers. Soft lounge chairs add to the experience and create the smallest of usable pockets for a single person experience/break time.