the Laboratory for Architectural Design is dealing with matters of architectural design in urban and rural setting, solving micro and medium spaces. Alongside an interest in landscape design, having dealt with 22 design typologies so far, this architectural practice strives to give most projects a hint of cultural diversity and educational benefit.

designed typologies : beach hut / library+housing / tree house conglomerate / suburbia artist studio / nature reserve observatory / orthopaedic clinic / art-theatre school / theatre halls / technical staff chamber / park centre with studios / offices / theatre and art gallery / restaurant scene / ceramic facade / rural house / urban house / pedestrian pier / drawing atelier / room with a courtyard / gazebo as cat walk / kitchen / dynamic bathroom.

designing : courtyard amphitheatre / orchard


   Traian Tuta is an English taught, riba part II architect with international experience in the fields of architectural design, urban innovation, teaching and critical design thinking, with a concentration on medical spaces, inhabiting qualities, bespoke service design.

    Traian focuses his practice on the human experience by implementing innovative urban projects including trend forecasting, spatial activations, pop-up installations, public spaces upgrades, urban research, street art and exhibition curation.

   Holding a Master's degree in Architecture from UoB (Brighton, Uk) following RiBA standards, he is also the author of ‘An innate interpretation of the qualities that surround us’; ‘Speculation on architectural design that informs a new vernacular design interpretation ‘; ‘The Extent of Human Perception’ .

themes of interest

+ research and analysis

+ street art curation, installations

+ pop-up innovation laboratories

+ urban design rethinking

+ storytelling workshops

+ architectural design

+ architectural design teaching for new urban and rural schemes and concepts.

+ landscape design

+ rural reactivation of trends


+ Research and reports on historical concepts and contemporary development schemes.

+ Strategic advisory services for the development of innovative property projects and cultural endeavours.

+ Workshops on innovation in the fields of city design, spatial use, materials' qualities.

+ Architectural design on residential schemes, commercial projects, art installations, exhibition design.

+ Advisory services on urban and property trends strategic recommendations for the development of future urban projects

+ Territorial analysis and stakeholder mapping 

+ Implementation of pre-development activation plans, including community involvement 

+ Research and reports on historical concepts and contemporary development schemes.

+ Architectural design on residential schemes, commercial projects, social performative schemes, cultural installations.

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