Traian Tuta



RIBA part 2 architect

& Laboratory for Architectural Design

dealing with matters of architectural design in urban and rural setting, solving micro and medium spaces.

Alongside an interest in landscape design, this architectural practice strives to give each project a hint of cultural diversity and educational benefit. 

The range of current design services includes product design and stage design. 


Architectural design in the form of a studio that celebrates stories

develops and elaborates ways of understanding spatial qualities

safely covered,
a project not only for
the Eves

darkness lit
by a brave posture

The joyful design of theatrical spaces, characters and tasks


This studio is different.
It welcomes details and stories and will imbue every project with a specific architectural value that will unequivocally give financial meaning to every outcome. 
Micro, small and medium sized projects are developed through theoretical and practical experiments that have always enriched the outcome, giving end users the suitable interpretation of their desired identity. 


cover site design library-01-01.jpg


The Design Library develops and elaborates ways of understanding spatial qualities.

sindrilica tt-02.png

' Șindrilica, safely covered ' is an exquisite fashion suggestion that focuses on what is the first iteration of clothing items, accessories and architectural design related items derived from the romanian vernacular space.


' illustris, darkness lit ' is a light source derived from the romanian vernacular lifestyle. The design becomes an inconic iteration of the vertical porch wooden element as it communicates an infinite column of light.


With the right mindset, in order to establish the identity of any text or characters of a play, a careful analysis will reveal a concentrated solution which will then be distilled to focus on effect rather than on quantity.


All materials displayed on this web presence are entirely owned as private property unless specified otherwise and are protected by copyright and patents laws. 

2021 © Traian Tuta

Legal information can be obtained upon request.

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